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(mark/eduardo) for what binds us (big bang 2012)

Title: For What Binds Us
Fandom: The Social Network
Pairings/Characters: Mark/Eduardo, some background Chris and Dustin, Erica.
Rating: R
Word Count: 16,300
Disclaimer:The Social Network is not mine. This story depicts fictional representations of real people and not the real people themselves. The Curse Workers belongs to Holly Black.
Summary: Curse Workers AU. The first thing Mark learns when he starts Harvard is that it means nothing to be special. You first have to be ordinary if you want to do extraordinary things, and this is why Mark hides his talent as carefully as he hides his hands. Eduardo sees him anyway; Eduardo, who can claim his work as openly and easily as he can smile. Mark wants to know what that means. He wants to know what that feels like.

Notes: LOOK, A MIRACLE HAPPENED. I POSTED. This experience has been absolutely nuts, thank you to all my Twitter followers for not ditching my whiny self.

HUGE THANKS go to savetomorrow for being a cheerleader and bastion of sanity and for her patience, Venla I do not deserve you. MORE HUGE THANKS to lesson_in_love for agreeing to be my beta even before she was in the TSN fandom, for actually betaing on such incredibly short notice, and for cheerleading as well. In all honesty I could not have finished this without you two and I can't thank you enough, even though I will try with all of my capslock-y enthusiasm. THANK YOU BOTH I LOVE YOU.

Title for the fic comes from the poem by the same name by Jane Hirshfield, which can be read here.

Warnings: None.

For What Binds Us
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Art by savetomorrow
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