pandora's curiosity (hold_onhope) wrote,
pandora's curiosity

welcome to my super late winter wonderland holiday card post! i have never done this before! most of you will end up getting cards late! BE EXCITED!!!!!!

okay here is some large-ish text to attract your attention:


comment if you want a card from me! i haven't decided if they will be handmade or not, but i will personalize all of them because i love you and i love christmas and DON'T WORRY IF YOU DON'T CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS because, fortunately, i even love holidays i don't celebrate!

so let me know which holiday you want me to be wishing you happiness for, or if you would rather i just wish you a happy winter. also let me know if you have any special requests and i will try (probably ineptly) to fill them.

one last thing - let me know if you yourself are doing holiday cards and it's not too late to send them out, because i keep forgetting to leave my address but i want them from all of you, i do! /holiday late-ness

comments are screened, or you can DM me at twitter or send me a message on tumblr or email me if you have my email or ask for my email if you don't have it but you want it, or send me a messenger pigeon or some smoke signals or whatever floats your boat. ♥
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